20 Most Water Polluted Cities in America

Did You Know?

Around 40% of the lakes in the US are too polluted for marine life, fishing, swimming, or other activities.

Out of 50 states, 33 states are believed to have water polluted with PFA’S, and over six million people were affected by it.

The United States has more than 330 million acres of land invested in agriculture and ranch, and every year 2 billion pounds of pesticides are used for farming.

Since 1900, 13 million hectares of forest and wetlands are dried and vanished every year due to water pollution and poor groundwater practices.

Is your Drinking Water Safe?

Simple steps to find out if the water you are drinking is safe. 

Must Have Water Filter Certification

Why it Matters?

Too many water filters in the market today, many of them are sub-standard and thus offer no protection against water pollution. 

Certification standards help in objectively recognizing the genuineness of a water filter and its effectiveness in meeting the claims that a particular brand or products make.

Important to know which certification is relevant and important for which kind of water filter. 

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