Titan N120 Tankless Water Heater Review

In Brief: Review of Titan N120 Tankless Water Heater

The Titan N120 is a moderately priced tankless water heater. It has a much smaller body than other heaters and can handle hard water better. The energy efficiency helps buyers earn back the initial investment. This works best for two-bedroom homes with up to three bathrooms. Installation isn’t too difficult and can be done by the owners themselves.

Titan water heaters are manufactured by Niagara Industries Inc. The company has been in the industry for 34 years and is headquartered in Florida, Miami. They were the first to make a fully electric tankless water heater.

The Titan N120 is a compact bodied tankless water heater. It is known for its energy efficiency and for being affordable. It is much easier to install than most tankless water heaters.

Key Specifications of Titan N120 

Titan Electric Tankless Water Heater

The Titan N120 is a part of the Titan SCR2 series of tankless water heaters. These systems are designed to supply instant hot water. Because of this, they eliminate the need for bulky storage tanks.

These heaters have dedicated analog microprocessors that sample the output and input water temperature 21 times per second. This ensures that only the minimum amount of energy required is consumed.

The power control system takes care of this and also stabilizes the temperature. The SCR2 heaters save both energy and space. Their energy efficiency is 99.5% and the N120 model is no larger than a phone book.

It features a manually resettable thermostat and a more accurate temperature sampling system. A new air/water differential analyzing system prevents dry starts.

The shielding Incoloy heating elements and copper brass casing prevents the damage caused by mineralization in standard water heaters.

Check out this video to learn more about the Titan SCR2 N120:


Major specifications of the Titan Tankless Water Heater N120:

Available voltage220V-240V/277V
Max AMP @ 220V / 240V54
Max kW @ 220V/240V11.8
Circuit breaker required60A double pole (2-1 type, 2 hots + ground)
Wire required6 AWG
Temperature rise @ 1GPM81° F
Temperature rise @ 1.5 GPM54° F
Temperature rise @ 2 GPM40° F
Temperature rise @ 2.5 GPM32° F
Temperature rise @ 3 GPM27° F
Temperature rise @ 3.5 GPM23° F
Temperature rise @ 4 GPM20° F
MaterialsBrass casing
Pipe fitting1/2" standard pipe
Pressure requirements5 PSI-Min./150 PSI-Max
Dual Incoloy/nichrome
Energy efficiency99.50%
Activation requirement0.4 GPM
ProtectionDual mictrotemp thermofuse
Dimensions7" W x 10" H x 2-3/4" D
Weight8 lbs
Compliance/StandardsUL-#499 ANSI-Z, 10.03

Ease of Assembly and Installation

The Titan N120 is relatively much easier to install than other tankless water heaters. You can even do it without hiring a professional but you need to follow the instructions to the T.

The owner’s manual has detailed step by step instructions and labeled diagrams. These help you correctly identify components and keep the warranty intact.

The second section of the manual explains how to mount the body of the heater. There are also important safety measures written in bold letters.

For a visual demonstration of the installation process, watch this video:


Ease of Usage

The Titan N120 is quite simple to operate. The mode button lets you switch between four displays. These include voltage, current, power, and temperature.

Adjust each setting according to your requirements using the arrow buttons. The red button increases the water temperature while the blue button decreases it.

Warranty / Repairs

The Titan N120 tankless water heater comes with a limited 10-year warranty. This is only applicable to the original buyer.

The warranty registration form is attached to the owner’s manual. You need to mail the attached postcard within 30 days of purchase.

In case of any defects or manufacturing issues, the company will either replace or repair the heater. In either case, you must return the heater with the original receipt of purchase along with shipping charges.

Click here to learn more about the warranty policy and what is not included in it.

Customer Review Analysis

We went through various online platforms and forums to try and gauge how customers feel about the Titan N120.

Buyers seem quite satisfied with their purchase and have given an average rating of 4.5 stars. Out of over a hundred reviews, 90% have given ratings upwards of three stars.

Users are especially happy with the ease of installation as most tankless heaters have complicated procedures. Usually, these require licensed professionals but the Titan N120 can be assembled by the owner if done diligently.

Reviewers also mentioned the convenience of being able to control different modes of settings. This allows users to pick and choose the exact settings they want.

Some users have noted that there can be overheating if the system is switched on but not in use. This is also not an ideal heater for larger homes or extremely cold regions.

However, compared to some of the premium tankless water heaters, this one comes at a more reasonable price. Many reviews label it great value for money. Overall, this is a good investment for smaller homes.


Pros/Cons of Titan N120 Tankless Water Heater 

Through our research and analysis of several consumer reports, we concluded with the following pros and cons of the Titan N120:


  • Tankless design
  • Energy efficient
  • Works well with hard water
  • Easy installation
  • Compact body
  • Middle price range


  • Not suitable for extremely cold regions
  • Not suitable for bigger homes


Recommended Accessories with Titan N120

Customers who bought the Titan N120 also ended up buying the following:

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Can I install this if my home main circuit breaker is 60A?

No, this heater alone needs a 60A circuit breaker.

What is the wiring connection for the three wire ends?

The incoming power will be 2 hot legs and 1 ground with 1phase/230v.

Can I only change the breaker and use the existing wiring in my home?

If you are replacing a tank heater with this tankless one, you will need to change the wiring as well.

Does this heater need to be cleaned?

If the supply water is hard, then there can be scale build-up on the intake filter. The company provides for servicing if you face such problems.

How much clear space does this heater need around it?

As the system dissipates heat, it needs about 4 inches of space around all sides.

Our Recommendation

The Titan N120 is an ideal tankless water heater for homes with up to three bathrooms. It is also suitable for homes in regions with a temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

It works better with hard water than most water heaters and has a good warranty package. The heating components also have a long life.

This is a good investment for people looking for instant and endless hot water supply at a reasonable price.

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